On the day of my 30th birthday, I realised that the acne had gotten me with the crow’s feet.

I was surprised to see that in the ads for creams that they put on the TV, only adolescents come out with pimples or ladies with wrinkles, but in real life, many of us are united the two things.

And what do I do now? Do I get anti-wrinkle on dark circles and pimple cream on my nose? But … and the forehead ?, what happens to the forehead that I have both? If I give myself a moisturising anti-wrinkle cream, I will have more grains … and if I want to dry the pimples my skin dries, and I get more wrinkles !!! I see that in the end, the only option to cover the grains is going to be leaving me bangs, pfff !!!

Removing these stupid skin problems … I firmly believe that I am in the best moment of my life and that thirty is a fantastic age !!!

Frankly, I do not understand Bridget Jones.

When you’re thirty you’re young enough to be able to keep being the idiot but old enough to be taken seriously, you have more self-confidence, more independence … and you can connect with a wider range of ages (which seems a significant advantage to keep in mind).

So, although it may seem at first that we have many things in common, our way of looking at life is completely different:

Similarity: We’re both in their thirties
Difference: Bridget thinks she’s too old to be attractive to men. I think it’s the best age to call !!!! At this age, you can choose from 20-year-olds who see us as “self-confident, independent and morbid women”, up to the middle-aged men in their forties who see us as “casual and cheerful young women.”
Similarity: The two of us put ourselves continuously to the regime, and we are not able to fulfil it nor three days in a row. And the following week … back to start (of course the option of doing sports … is ruled absurd !!)
Difference: Bridget is obsessed with being repulsive to men for being so fat. I try to lose weight because I think I would be better with 5 kilos less, but I think the set is acceptable (and it seems many guys too)
Similarity: We are disorderly and a nullity as housewives
Difference: I’m afraid in this case there is no difference: -S
Similarity: We are single
Difference: Bridget is desperate looking for her future husband, and can do anything to keep a man by her side.
I am of the opinion that it is better alone than badly accompanied, and at this point in life, I spend my head eating (other things are worth, but the head … well as that is not worth it :-P)
In short … that although we are both a disaster and have a totally disorganized life, I am very sure of myself. And that includes my way of relating to men, which does not have naaaaaada to do with Bridget Jones.

To finish, I will say that by observing the thirty- three-year-olds around me, I have noticed that from the age of 30 there are only two types of women: some of whom are still GIRLS (although with wrinkles and all that) become LADIES.

This blog is for all GIRLS of 30 years or more, who are aware of their age, continue to maintain the same spirit as always, and face their day to day with energy and good humour.

Bethany Heinicke